The Natural Beauty Benefits of the Roses

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The Natural Beauty Benefits of the Roses

The Natural Beauty Benefits of the Roses- Rose, which has the Latin name Rosa canina is an ornamental plant that produces flowers with beautiful colors. Knowing of many people, that roses are often used as a symbol of love. Especially red roses. In Indonesia, the roses are used for various purposes ranging from ornamental flowers, flower table or sow.

However, behind the beauty of pink turns out to have health benefits and beauty. For the world of beauty, roses are often used as ingredients for skin care, skin and hair. While in the world of health, roses serve as a cure for various diseases, such as reducing cholesterol, prevent heart disease, relieve symptoms of influenza, diarrhea and urinary tract infections.

The Natural Beauty Benefits of the Roses

1. Clear Acne
Rose extract is a natural cleanser that is rich of antioxidants and is able to kill bacteria that cause acne. Wash your face with warm water that has been mixed with rose extract.

2. Skin Care
Keep the natural pH balance of the skin with rose extract. Rose extract can reducing sebum production in skin. It can be used both for oily skin or dry skin. Rose extract is also able to fight against various skin diseases and eczema.

The Natural Beauty Benefits of the Roses

3. Hair Health
Rose extract is good for healthy hair as it comes naturally conditioner can moisturize. Simply pour a few drops of rose extract when shampooing with shampoo to create a fragrant aroma. It can also be used after shampooing, pour the wet hair and massage gently to help grow your hair. Furthermore, rose extract can also overcome the inflammation in the scalp and remove the dandruff, already!

4. Eye Health
Tired eyes and dark circles under the eyes can be treated with rose extract. Rose extract can also be used to treat red, swollen eyes. Instill 2-3 drops in the eye, then closed for several minutes to clean the eyes. Perform routine to prevent eye infections.

The Natural Beauty Benefits of the Roses

5. Miss V
Did you know? As spa treatments typically use rose extract as a main ingredient. This is because the typical fragrance of rose water and beneficial to the sexual organs. 'Wash' Miss V with mature hot water that has been mixed with rose extract.

6. Overcoming Leg Swelling
This is done by taking 2-3 roses and added 30 gram sembung then wash clean. Then boiled with 600 ml of water and the drinking water for 2 times daily.

7. Roseship
Rosehip is the fruit of the rose seeds. Besides the material used for beauty products, a fruit this success lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the human body.

Quite a few of the benefits of the roses? Hopefully this article useful.
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